*Massage Therapy services for a client under 18 years of age: Written permission of either a parent or guardian is required for all clients under age 18 years of age prior to receiving Massage Therapy. In addition, a responsible adult chaperone is required to remain in the treatment room; this requirement may be waived in writing by the parent or guardian, but it's expected that the chaperone remain on the premises for the duration of the session.

Relaxation Massage

1/2 Hour - $50

1 Hour - $80

1.5 Hour - $105

Deep Tissue Massage

1/2 Hour - $55

1 Hour - $90

1.5 Hour - $110

Hot Stone Massage 

80 Minutes | $110

Pregnancy Massage

1 Hour - $80

1.5 Hour - $105


Exfoliating Body Polish

45 minutes


This treatment begins with an invigorating, exfoliating scrub allowing products to better penetrate the skin. It finishes with a deluxe Epicuren body cream to leave a silky, glowing finish.

Oleaslim Body Wrap

90 minutes


This full aromatherapy treatment detoxifies and eliminates cellulite resulting in inches lost. The action of this special blend of all natural essential oils, combined with gentle warmth, aids in the liquefying of solid toxins, therefore encouraging the elimination of excess fatty deposits. The body will look and feel smooth and invigorated.

Espresso Limon Slimming Treatment

90 minutes


Treat your body like a temple with the perfect detoxifying and firming treatment for the sleek smooth skin that you have been looking for. This treatment begins with a dry body brushing to stimulate lymphatic drainage. After peptides are applied to stimulate collagen production, your body will then be covered in a European inspired rich coffee oil. A refreshing Epicuren signature enzyme body mist completes the body beautifying experience.