Andree Robere Salon & Day Spa Facials

All facials include deep cleansing, exfoliation, massage, extraction, gentle heat and a treatment mask. Each is individualized to your skin type.

Deep Cleansing Spa Facial | 60 minutes | $80 and up
This relaxing facial uses a enzyme peel to gently exfoliate dry, dull epidermal cells while promoting effective extractions of clogged pores. Results are visibly brighter, clearer skin. Finishes with a treatment mask individualized to your skin type. Your complexion will feel refreshed and look glowing!
Mini Spa Facial | 30 minutes | $55 and up
No time? No worries! Give us 30 minutes to bring your skin back into balance! Cleanse – exfoliate – mask – done! We will give you what your skin needs for an immediate, radiant result.
Intensive Acne Clarifying Facial | 75 minutes | $85 and up
Our dynamic treatment for acne prone skin utilizes a blend of natural enzymes to remove surface debris, loosen impactions, and refine pores.
After exfoliation, gentle steam, and extractions, a detoxifying and purifying
mask is applied. This intense and effective treatment finishes using a high-frequency current to kill surface bacteria, an acne spot and area treatment, and an oil free moisturizer to restore skin to a polished, clean surface.
Radiance Oxygenating Facial | 60 minutes | $90 and up 
Maintain the overall health of your skin by using a radiance-boosting complex of oxygen, combined with effective brighteners and anti-oxidants to rejuvenate, revive, and nourish the skin. This facial finishes with the Radiance Oxygenating Serum and Masque to restore dull, congested, and stressed skin. Awaken your skin – it needs oxygen!
Glycolic (AHA) Refining Facial | 60 minutes | $90 and up
An amazing facial that rapidly exfoliates lifeless epidermal cells and allows emerging new skin to absorb more oxygen and nutrients; it reduces fine lines, scars, and enlarged pores, improves sun damage/hyperpigmentation, and overall clarifies and polishes an uneven complexion. Results will be healthy, vibrant, and glowing skin! This is offered in a series of six treatments for maximum effectiveness.
          Glycolic (AHA) Peel | 15 minutes | $45 and up
          Series of 6 Peels (6th peel free) | $225 and up

The PTR Vitamin C and Collagen Facial | 75 minutes | $110 and up
This potent and effective facial helps to stimulate respiration and circulation of the skin, while fighting environmental damage and boosting the immunity of the skin. A blend of Lactic Acid and Glycolic Acid exfoliates the skin to better receive the antioxidant Vitamin C. It finishes with a collagen masque that firms, smoothes, lifts, and regenerates the skin. End result… a healthy and luminous complexion.
The PTR Ultimate Unwrinkle Anti-Aging Facial | 75 minutes | $120 and up
An age-defying treatment facial that combines alpha hydroxy acids, peptides, and a collagen masque to promote cell regeneration, boost elastin and collagen, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. After a double exfoliation process to clarify your skin, a special serum packed with peptides, neuropeptides, vitamins, and hyaluronic acid will leave your skin plumped, smoothed and looking years younger. Also known as "The Botox® Facial!"
The Signature Epicuren Facial | 75 minutes | $120 and up
This results-oriented facial utilizes a unique protein enzyme that stimulates cell metabolism to dramatically improve the skin's appearance. Remarkably lifts, tightens, and firms facial skin, increasing textual clarity and tone. This state-of-the-art facial is combined with Epicuren's Six-Step System for home care to maintain lasting results. (Six-Step System sold separately)
The Hollywood Facial | 90 minutes | $200 and up
You will look and feel red-carpet ready after this multiplatform facial! Combines a classic deep cleansing glycolic facial with our Soli-Tone skin rejuvenation device for immediate, visible results after one treatment. You will see younger looking skin, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, increased skin elasticity, and redefined and firmed facial contour.


Glycolic Acid Peel $45
Vitamin C Peel $45

Lash Extensions & Treatments

Individual Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions:
Half Set | $100 and up
Full Set | $185 and up
Lash Fill | $85 and up 
Lash Extension Removal | $75 and up

Cluster Lashes | $50 and up

Lash Lift | $65 and up

Eye Treatments

Collagen Eye Treatment | 15 minutes | $25
Oxygen Radiance Eye Treatment | 15 minutes | $25

Makeup Application

Special Occasion Makeup Application | 60 minutes | $50 and up